No letter “e” – Also I Miss Running

This dawn’s sky is thick with doughy clouds, obscuring a typical dog day scorching sun.  Rows of willows hug a spacious park and flail mossy limbs, causing gusty winds to whip through its yawning grounds. I savor wafts of crisp air prickling my skin as I stand on a rocky trail worn smooth by constant foot traffic, its sand soft and crunchy.  Noisy cicadas lay dormant at last, a calming hush from an always constant buzz.  I pass by a now drab playground looking forlorn in its vacancy.  For an instant, I bask in my isolation and run.


My piece, “Endure,” which opens with a captured Bandersnatch, has landed in Last Girls Club Midsummer issue, Mad Queens edition. Thank you to Eda H. Obey and the entire editorial team at Last Girls Club.

She writhes against her bindings, the hirsute sinew of her thighs quaking with fury. They clamp her jagged, leathery wings together, blunt her long claws, sheath her bladelike tail.

passage from “Endure”

It’s a frightfully good issue and I’m honored to be in the company of such amazing Mad Queens.

You can find their website and the link to purchase the new issue, by clicking here.

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